Gears of War is back, and in a spectacular way… Set 25 years after the worldwide catastrophic convergence of an underground race known as Locust, it's time for the Fenix to rise again, except its been, like…you know…25 years and he is an old man now. however the game itself picks up at an E-day remembrance rally whereby the new leader of the "civilised world" begins recounting the stories of old and you are thrown into many flashback styled missions seen from the eyes of regular "carmines" as I like to call them because COG soldiers are all expendable. it is a fantastic opening sequence to a game and one I havent had such pleasure in for many years. These missions that are being remembered are actually the memories of the colonel… you know, the one with a permanent grudge against Marcus. wheelchair bound through age and getting all sentimental you see the end of the war through his eyes and just how close the Locust hordes really came to winning the war when Marcus and friends detonated the bomb inside the hive. "He did it" a feeling of excitement washes over me as I too remember the hardship and sacrifice that was needed….

So que the entrance of one James Dominic Fenix, Son of the great Marcus Fenix. The hero, the legend and ultimate all round badass has retired and disappeared from the COG for unknown reasons, his son…on the run after fleeing the COG to join the outsiders alongside his friend Del. J.D. as he is referred to in-game embarks on a mission to steal a fabricator from a COG construction site, as they arrive on site a wind flare appears and it is brutally satisfying… debris begins to fly everywhere and even the little animation of your character struggling to move forwards to find shelter within the closing walls of the site is fantastic and extremely immersive, Gears has definitely not lost it's touch and is still just as relevant and fresh as it was in the original game. After making it into the construction site you are confronted by a robot which subsequently gets blown apart because….reasons n stuff. soon you are greeted by a whole host of COG robots that are armed to the nines and suddenly using lethal force. Much to the surprise of the Outsiders.

After fighting our way through the compound we make haste to the Outsider camp not far away where we are greeted by Kait's mother who is none to pleased that you have "started a war" between them and the COG, so with that and the fabricator it's time to start preparing for the impeding retaliation coming your way… using the fabricator to set up the defences is a brilliant way of letting you know that waves upon waves are about to be thrown at you and they are literally thrown in your face. Once the battle is over you start the cutscene that truly kicks off the Gears of War story and in lightning fashion, because here comes the moment you have all been waiting for, the Locust have returned, and there are some nasty and new looking bad guys to boot, like a thunderstorm on the bearing sea they arrive forcing Reyna (Kait's mother) to lock JD, Del and kait inside while she attempts to fight them off with the help of her village. A pretty intense extremely brief firefight erupts outside and is over just as quickly as it started. eventually breaking their way out into the courtyard all that remains is the broken sword left lying on the ground, no survivors to speak off as the Locust had taken everybody for some unknown reason.

With that our heroes come up with a plan of escape and to try and find allies so that they can save the villagers and of course Reyna. JD knows somebody who could help but Del is a little hesitant and makes his feelings on the matter known. They head off in search of this mysterious man but I think it's pretty obvious from the trailers who they will be going to see.

Boom it's the rise of the Fenix himself, one Marcus Fenix to be precise, who to begin with is extremely unhappy to see you, his own son… but why? well, hopefully we will find that out further into the story… as long as it doesn't focus too deeply on that and forget the reason we are on our mission.