Nuka-world…The once great Utopia for budding families and friends a like, full of vibrant colours, the smell of hotdogs, fresh ice cream and burgers.. children laughing in the background, parents running around stressing over which one should be watching them. Now it's just another wasteland playground for the scum and backwater cretins, (oh by the way…you're one of them)… Raiders!! Raiders are everywhere, they basically own Nuka-world and it is now their fortress of insanity, violence and debauchery, much like in Fallout 3 where the slavers own Peterborough, at least this time you have the option to join or die and it doesn't smell like an over used Med-x junkies Gym…..

Where to begin... Well, right from the get go it starts with another cinematic experience much like Far Harbour did with its Chug chug boat sequence except this time you are being transported by shuttle train, before this however in true Bethesda style you are introduced to a random NPC, who.. As it turns out is a no good dirty rat who immediately gets your boots well and truly into shit. As you enter the once great theme park you are immediately thrown into what looks like the Gauntlet from the 80's film "The Running Man" starring good ol' Arnold himself (not actually the man himself though but how cool would that have been). With the chance of death at every single corner its up to you how to tackle the challenges, but I would suggest saving heavily when you can.. Quick saving being the best option here.

The Gauntlet itself presents many challenges, including traps, traps and more fucking traps, a hell of a lot of machine gun turrets and some filthy yet disturbingly tough raiders on the chain link ceiling above you firing rounds off all over the place and to add to that they are pretty tough to kill, if you are able to survive this death bringing contraption you are then faced with its Creator, but first you are contacted by one raider named "gage"... Now you can choose to do a number of things here, you can take his advice... But lets be honest, you would have to be psychotic to listen to a raider right? RIGHT?!?!

Now its worth bearing in mind that you could literally just kill everybody without batting an eye….except those of your enemies, but wheres the fun in that, we all like to toy with our pray a little first, stir the pot so they say.

Should you choose to listen to Gage however he will explain to you that he has brought you here for the sole purpose of taking down the head raider and creator of the gauntlet, he will confront you and provide you with quite literally... A water pistol...seriously, its a heavily armoured raider in power armour vs you...with a fucking water pistol... Talk about a David and Goliath title fight. Moving on slightly, after you have squirtled all over the over boss and messed him up some Gage will then offer you the chance to take his place because the old "over boss" just got lazy and they need someone with a bit of oomph, some spirit if you will, now for the sake of this article we will go with my specific play through, my experiences of this Fantastic DLC, and what quite simply compliments the final content for Fallout 4 (Que. the crying).

I took Gage up on his offer to become the new over boss of Nuka-world, yeah... Thats right, I listened to a dirty, filthy backstabbing Raider and guess what... I'd do it again, over and over again until my fingers bled. Because its a hell of a lot more fun to dive deep into the heart of the story and get the maximum gameplay out of it. So what do you do when you are the over boss? Surely thats about it right? Well i'm afraid not my friends, you are in for one hell of a ride, in some cases, it will be an experience thats out of this world....

I began with re-uniting the three different factions under one banner again.
You have the Disciples who are sleek, mean and stick to the shadows like true Ninja, even their outfitting matches their style which is highly unusual for a fallout game (Chinese stealth suit not included).
Then you have the ------

And finally The Pack, the insane, the wild dogs, the uncontrollable wolves of the new world, whacky colours, extremely fun weaponry, and a very Viking esc leader who suits the role perfectly. You just can't help but love their fanaticism....

Now, the point of all this is to shed out land equally in order to keep all three factions happy and ensure that peace is kept along with your'e head. You can do this the quick way or the hard way, after you meet Slade he will also then send you back to the commonwealth to gain some outposts and such, I wont go into detail here but suffice to say you should be prepared to cry a little as you have to take some of your previously built up locations. Luckily for me I had a few places that id left run down, mainly because I was already in the loop that this DLC was coming.... Although not when, I personally chose the Slog as my initial foothold back home and the used Finch Farm in order to supply it with food and other resources, because if there is one thing we know about raiders, they are the laziest little shits in the game.

Having done X amount of these outposts you can return to Slade you will tell you that the shits going down back at the park. This is reinforced as when you load back into Nuka World and the shit has literally hit the fan.....hard. Which ever faction you have slacked on outposts for goes rogue and starts fucking all your shit up so it's time to lay the smack down on their asses…. Que the bad ass over boss of a post apocalyptic theme park you have always dreamed of being. Time to start kicking ass and not even bothering with names or even the cute cuddly toys laying around the park, unfortunately for me this was "The Pack"... I thought I had more to do so I kind of ruined it for myself but I can assure you on the second pay through it will not be them....  Or the disciples, they are my 2 favourites.

So for me, it was the pack, and they betrayed me hard, they had stormed the power plant in my absence and killed anyone who got in their way. Safe to say the new over boss was less than pleased with this new information and had to start kicking the living shit out of the treacherous dogs, how dare they do this to me, I thought I was treating everyone equally but apparently not, here comes the Nuka pain train, fully armoured up, with my apocalyptic version of Thor's hammer Mjolnir, a heavy hitting rocket powered hammer, infused with acid and ELECTRICITY for extra smashy smashy...

Now there is plenty of side quests to do as usual, and even an old face to meet from Fallout 3's Girder-shade.... COME ON!!! Of course she was going to be here, its FUCKING NUKA WORLD!!! And her quest is better than ever with 2 ways of officially doing it and one sneak way of getting all the loot, but ill leave that for you to figure out, after all i'm just here to review the over all game and feel of it, however it is so good, and worth it all....also to mention less of a nuisance than F3's quest. There are also a number of other side quests to be done around the park and a couple of locations to scavenge from but overall I was expecting a lot more from the oh so awaited and critically acclaimed series and DLC. The lack of a workshop or genuine home to mess around with is a real kick in the metaphorical gamers nut-sack, whoever thought that it would be a good idea not to add one needs firing immediately but thats just my Darkside talking, or is it?

So overall I would say if you are into your RPG's then this is a worthy addition to your collection… I suppose its fair to say that Nuka World is by far not what fans deserved as the final DLC planned for such a fantastic game but it is definitely worth your time as a Fallout fan regardless.

NNGR says its a 8\10.

It would be a 9 but due to current glitches and the abundance of them that is my verdict.

Nuka world, currently know bugs,

- Gage
- Trip to the stars

So far a few nasty glitches or bugs if you will have been discovered. The worst seeming to be from "trip to the stars" where you have to clear out the junkyard for Dara Hubbell, however there are a known few distasteful moments here where the likes of Phil get bugged out and stays in the warehouse or where Dara won't enter the ship or give her speech. A few remedies have been tried in order to set the nav-mesh back in action however the only known cure for this annoyance is to use console mods to deactivate phil's character, while that will help you will need to re-activate his data in order to complete the mission and reap the reward.  

Alternatively you could be lucky and like me, not encounter these bugs at all. But I would suggest relying heavily on lots of quick saves so that you can quickly backtrack and not have to re-do a whole bunch of the boring shit.