The Crew

The Crew is another one of those arcade style racing games that come along once in a blue moon and are able to totally captivate the target audience, I should know i'm one of them. however I do have a slight bias here as i'm more of your crashy crashy destroyable car and environment kinda players when it comes to driving (Burnout for example) if this game had some more realistic….but not too real damage models and crashes it would be my all time favourite racing game….on top of this is does have some regular server issues but if you can get past that then this game is definitely up your street, especially with the DLC packs that have come out and the latest coming 'Calling all Units'….but more on that down below somewhere. Your story starts as Alex Taylor brother to the founder of the 5-10 Motor club, framed for your brothers murder by a corrupt FBI agent named Bill Coburn and his stupid lacky Shiv, Alex eventually gets out of prison 5 years later and starts going on a state wide rampage in order to bring Coburn to justice and Shiv…literally shivved to death I guess, while the story itself can be a bit boring and tedious at times it is interesting from start to finish, but bare in mind that this is a grinding game…or you can pay real cash for fake cash, but unless your super rich or have access to mummy and daddies bank details, just grind for it… its way more fun to earn all of your garage and upgrades than spunk real dough, especially when the next game you want is only a month or so away from release.

Anyways back to the point… you need to race your way to the top of the 5-10's with the help of some old friends and some FBI chick who honestly to me should have had a more predominant role throughout the game, maybe even a love story, because you know….depth and detail is why we buy games!! eventually taking damn Coburn and eventually the man who shot your brother but in true almost Mass Effect style the ending to the game was pants…great big saggy brown pants, you don't kill shiv, you dont confront him, you just smash his car off the road and go home….boooooo…….. so thats pretty much it for the story I guess which is a shame but the online features of this great game are what make it what it is…huge open world, free roam and one fantastic lobby. Being able to just drive around the whole states (well, what they have used for the game anyway) is just phenomenal, the scenery looks amazing, the roads are detailed including all the dirt roads and other hidden paths, the cars handle beautifully once you start getting all the upgrades for them.

These upgrades are found whilst driving around more often than not, but you can also find data stations dotted all across the states which will unlock a chunk of the map and also show up challenge locations, landmarks that get you 2k a pop (but only usable once, so keep finding all the landmarks if you are short on cash) and even hidden car parts….yes thats right, like all great racing games there are always car parts to discover, these are pretty much all hot rods but they have different style such as Street, Dirt, Circuit, Raid and Performance, which shows respectively as S-D-R-C-P in the menus or garage…. I would highly recommend acquiring all of these as they all have a unique look and feel to them…

Once you have all the cars you desire you might be thinking to yourself well what do I do now? i've done it all right?


there is also the summit monthly challenge that you can partake in for exclusive and down right badass amounts of cash so if you are competitive naturally or you think you are the best driver in the game and gods gift to the crew then get your ass tot he summit and prove it, hey…if you are on the Xbox you might even see me….although i'm fast and probably gods gift itself… not.

And it still isnt over because you now…WILD RUN!!! …. and very soon, as in November soon there will also be the new Police DLC pack.

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Wild Run - Calling all Units

Wild Run Review

The Crew Wild Run…. which to me is the best thing since sliced bread because it adds Drift cars, Drag cars, Monster trucks and Motorcycles….which by the way i'm a Biker so this is epic, however the majority of video games that incorporate bikes usually fall flat on their faces, and hard…. but not The Crew! by the power invested in me as a Reviewer I give the Wild Run DLC a full 10/10 purely because the Motorcycles handling, looks and sounds are on point! my favourite thing to do at the moment is grab my Kawasaki Ninja H2 with major modifications and go hooning around the map without a care in the world, and the first person plus handling is off the chain, there are no words to explain the amount of fun I have had on that bike already…. and I think i'm going to play after I finish typing this article.

the overall feel to this DLC pack is brilliant, although I would suggest never turning a Lamborghini into a Drift car…it seems like a really good idea at the time but immediately is regretted big time.

I also went for the Hummer version of the Monster Truck because you know….MONSTER TRUCK!!! it is a lot of fun to play around on and is very useful when it comes to disabling police cars or other potential real players looking to cause you some damage and troll ram you….Monster truck wins! there are even arena's dotted about and some jumps to boot.

Drag car…. had to be the skyline…because what kinda boy racer wanna be would I be if I didn't pimp my ride to the extreme on that front, again there are some brilliant opportunities to be had with this either solo or with your friends…or even the guy you just met a few seconds ago and who is clearly begging to free race you, now you should also remember that it is a Drag car….and if you are new to gaming or how physics work….Drag cars will not turn very well…at all in fact, if you try to turn in these bad boys you are going to pay the price, which in this case is the repair bill as you slowly of the course of a few miles drift slightly off course until you get caught in a full spin out and whip up your very own DIRTNADO! my favourite location though has to be the Bonneville Salt Flats because it just goes on and on and on and can allow for plenty of practice runs, there is even a dedicated drag strip challenge in place to help get you making some dolllaaah…..

Calling all untis Review

Still waiting on release.