A little about Noodle…

Ohhh yeah, Reviewing myself here, Sooooo……. where do I start? well first off my real name is Chris, and I came up with the name Ninja Noodle a long long time ago on a platform far far away now (xbox…the 1st). heck I must have been 13…14 years old? ouch, screw you time you suck. I have been an xbox fanboy ever since to be completely honest with you, also dabbling in some master race gaming from time to time. I don't hate Sony by the way, nor nintendo, I like to consider myself a free spirited gamer, this console war was started by us..for us…and the banter (it was fun) and then taken over by the corporations as a way of separating us and making us pay more money for games* (not so fun), thats the way i see it anyways, I know loads of people on PC, PS, Xbox, Nintendo… you name it i know someone who uses it. lets take gaming back for the gamers not the greedy businesses….greedy greedy pigs…

Something to remember too is that I can get over wound up about something, I know there are logical reasons as to why things are the way the are…. but honestly…. I don't care, sometimes it is fun to rant and not give a flying spaghetti monster about what comes out of my jibs.

* I understand that games have to become more expensive due to technology increasing and the amount of people who work on some of the bigger games such as Battlefield, Call of Duty, Halo, The Crew etc. etc.. But the pricing, over £100/$100 in some cases….who in the fucking world justifies that as a legitimate price tag?! especially from the online stores such as steam and the Sony store or Xbox marketplace. I could never justify that, nor pre-ordering games anymore, to many friends have been stung and so have I…..well never again my friends. except maybe TC Wildlands but that will be Ubisofts final judgement from me. If they fuck it up I will be placing them in the same category as EA and we all know what we would like to do to them when the authorities are not looking!

I'm also a little nutty and wild so expect a lot of random words to be said and some occasionally obscene words (but i'll try to keep it as clean as possible. Forged from the fires of hell my gaming career began with a mega drive II, which I loved, there was this game I used to play on it that was literally fighting off pirates whilst also on your own pirating quest…. God only knows what it was called but thats where I fell in love with video games, from there it was onto the Sega Saturn with games such as Sega Rally Championship and World Cup 98', which anybody who played that game will read the title in the same voice as the games narrator. eventually my cousin got an N64 and obviously without saying there was lots of Mario rage moments on top of other games such as some Apache game and the amazing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles…. some of my best memories are on these consoles. Before long I had managed to get my hands on my first PC and Games whilst playing the PS1 on the side, Command & Conquer is by far my favourite series of all time (I don't consider 4's existence, kinda like how nobody acknowledges the StarWars Episode 1-3), to me it's on par with Halo, which is saying something! unfortunately I killed my PC whilst trying to play FarCry4……bye bye Graphics card, after that I never did replace it and ended up chucking the whole tower out. and since then I have been using my Xbox's to play games, but more recently I have discovered a fantastic programme from a guy called "PaultheTall" if you are using a Mac its an auto wine wrapper and porting kit, fantastic piece of kit for sure and it has enabled me to play AoE again much to my friends joy.

Adult life…. it sucks, don't do it…ITS A TRAP!!
I have done various different jobs, travelled to different countries that were not supervised by stupid teachers or glorified "helpers"… although the bus driver we had did teach me how to use throwing knives so thats a plus, I consider it additional training for the Zombie Apocalypse, and let's be fair, it's probably coming, or it better be because I have invested to much time into it! haha….. i'm not kidding.

but if there is one job I can thoroughly say I have enjoyed in my life then it would be this, writing reviews for games off my own back, making something of myself..by myself (with additional help from my friends. so heres to them for the booze, food and laughs that got me here mentally and physically. there is nothing more gratifying than being able to say that you are your own boss. BLISS!

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