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This Site is currenty a W.I.P. however it is being updated on an almost daily basis.. but feel free to browse my currently posted article on Fallout. Coming soon will be Gears of War 4 the full review.

Taking Game reviews to the next level… There will be no hate on games here, only good ol' fashioned, straight honest opinions… Ahh who am I kidding, we are all gamers here. This website however is here to change the way we look at gaming.. I'm going to turn your whole world upside down and provide you with nothing but the best of the news and the best reviews.

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Gears of War is back, and in a spectacular way… Set 25 years after the worldwide catastrophic convergence of an underground race known as Locust, it's time for the Fenix to rise again, except its been, like…you know…25 years and he is an old man now. however the game itself picks up at an E-day remembrance rally whereby the new leader of the "civilised world" begins recounting the stories of old and you are thrown into many flashback styled missions seen from the eyes of regular "carmines" as I like to call them because COG soldiers are all expendable…. Keep reading…

Nuka-world…The once great Utopia for budding families and friends a like, full of vibrant colours, the smell of hotdogs and burgers.. children laughing. Now just another wasteland playground for the scum and backwater cretins, (oh by the way…you're one of them)… Raiders!! Raiders are everywhere, they basically own Nuka-world, much like in Fallout 3 where the slavers own Peterborough…. Keep Reading….

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